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Free apps

Applications built on customer requests

Every now and then we get request from customers who have ideas or need help achieving some tedious task. Often we can help and therefor we have this section with free apps built for our customers based on personal requests and completely free of charge. Enjoy!

PS. Those apps are developed by our developers in their spare time, if you like them you can show your appreciation by donating a small sum here. It will go directly to the developers.

Set Caption

Handy when using captions.

You might miss the old iPhoto option to batch add data to your captions without replacing the current captions? Or you might want to be able to search and replace in the captions. Well, this application does just that.

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Albums and Folders to Keywords

Preserve all that effort you put into organizing.

You have most likely organized photos into albums and folders but did you know that albums and folders don't follow with the photos metadata when exporting? By using this application you can keep the folder and album structure by using keywords.

Download now

Copy XMP to Photos

Embed XMP sidecar files in photos.

Photos can export additional metadata as sidecar XMP files. With this tool you can embed that XMP in the image file.

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Show On Map

Is the map in the Info panel too small?

This application will show where the photo is taken in Apple maps or by opening up Google maps in a browser window.

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Find Matching Albums

Where are you using those images?

This application will tell you in which albums you use your photos.

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Photodate To Filedate

Get the filedates right

This application will extract the photodate from the metadata within the image file and assign it to the filedate in the Finder. Very useful when you want to manage your photos self or exporting images from Photos to the Finder.

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Photos Copy Filename (or Caption) To Title

Make the browsing in Photos better

This application copies the filename (with or without the file extension) or the Caption to the Title field for the selected images in Photos. Read our newsletter and find out why this is a good idea.

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Photos Set Longitude and Latitude

Assign GPS coordinates to photos

Perhaps you want to copy the GPS coordinates from one photo to others? Perhaps you have a DSLR camera without a GPS but have an iPhone that have? Well, with this application you can copy the GPS coordinates from the iPhone photo to the photos taken with the DSLR.

Download now

Photos Modify Photos Date

Tweak incorrect photo dates

Been on vacation with your DSLR and just realised that the clock in the camera was not properly set? With this application you can batch modify the time of the photos based on the time of the photo and the time offset you need to adjust it with. This way you don't have to batch change all photos to the same date instead you keep them all in order and with the correct time.

Download now


Thank you for a TERRIFIC PRODUCT!”

Wow. Not only a grat program but great support. Amazing. Thanks so much”

Oh my you are awesome!!! Thank you so much for the fast service!!”

What a great program. ...I think that's pretty amazing. And the whole process was so simple and easy that I just thought I'd tell you about my experience. AND FOR $8. I 'd gladly pay $20 for this wonderful, user friendly application.”

You are GODS...thanks from a mere computer mortal.I will sacrifice an animal every day to you continued health...well maybe some joss sticks.”

I downloaded 3 other apps to remove a snafu of my accidental duplication of my entire iPhoto library and none of them worked! Your app worked like a breeze, it took a while but I'm not complaining!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

WOW you have gained a customer for life.... LOVE your businesss ethics.... ”

Wow. You guys are amazing and absolutely should charge more for your software. This is customer service that far exceeds that which accompanies full-cost software !!”

Thank you so much, wow best customer support I've ever seen.”

Thanks for a great product. Duplicate Annihilator works fine on my Mac.”